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We are going to take a step into the world of deep learning using PyTorch. Follow this link for more information.


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Machine learning 2

Course description

Our course covers advanced machine learning methods with a primary focus on deep learning. Apart from the theory of deep learning and optimization of deep neural networks, we present various network architectures and applications.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • Optimization
  • Computer Vision
  • CNN, RNN, RL
  • AE, VAE, GAN
  • Learning with PyTorch


Our students will be presenting a final deep learning project (in groups of 2) to demonstrate all of the programming and deep learning skills mastered throughout the course. Our students will be eligible for prizes and awards as part of the class competition. Winners will be announced on the last day of class and receive ALZA gift vouchers. 

Big thanks to our sponsor: SCS Software, a Czech video game development company based in Prague (creator of Truck Simulator series).

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